Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Selling Mars Book Launch - 27th April 2013

I try and write here at least once a week, so I apologise for my absence. The past few weeks have been extremely busy. Last weekend, 27th April, was the launch for Selling Mars. And boy, did we have fun! The venue was part of Leicester's old gasworks, all sloping wooden floors and high, vaulted ceilings. Two bands were kind enough to cross the borders from Birmingham to Leicestershire and play for us.

The first, the amazing Crimson Clocks, played us a gorgeous set, ranging from their own pieces, to the introduction to Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds (which is one of my favourite albums!). They don't fit in to any particular genre of music, so I'm not even going to try! Just go and listen, and you'll see for yourselves!

Next up were the incredible Birthrite who really did bring the house down. Lots of laughing, lots of great songs, and one extremely tough crowd (We'd prefer to sit there and nod along in Leicester. We're not big dancers!), they did get us all up dancing. Absolutely brilliant performances from both bands!

I did, at much insistence, do a reading.

And then got down to the most important part of the evening. Chilling out!

You can see more of the night's photos here. Thank you so much to everyone who came! It was great to see you! And if we didn't see you that night, hopefully we'll see you at another soon. :)

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