Thursday, 23 May 2013

Be Happy!

"Dream big and dare to fail...I dare you to do that." - James Hetfield

So... I've some how managed to smoosh a couple of my ribs. Don't ask me how it was done. Don't ask me where it happened. I wasn't drunk. Wasn't under the influence of drugs. And haven't been in bed with anyone (I can keep dreaming on that one, right?!). At some point in the past few weeks I've either knocked them, made contact with a wall, or done something else which has left me groaning like a zombie and breathing like I'm on heat (If you've had a phone call from me and have mistaken me for one of those nuisance heavy breathers, I apologise.). The NHS tells me it'll take them between four and six weeks to heal. The other medical staff I know have laughed, given me painkillers, and told me not to do anything else stupid (not happening. Stupid's my middle name. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen).

Anyway, not being able to move a lot, sit properly, lie comfortably, or do anything else remotely close to "normal" has left me with ample time on my hands. Sometimes we need things to remind us to slow down and enjoy life. A few years ago I managed to snap a ligament in one ankle, giving me chance to catch up on some sleep and relax a little (albeit uncomfortably and on crutches.). This time around I've been catching up with friends, ambling (at a slow pace) to and from work while listening to new music, and enjoying the garden (in between rain showers). I've been having a go at crafting, laughing at posts on Tumblr, planning a trip to London, and generally dreaming about what I'm going to do next.

And you know what? It feels great! Feels bloody brilliant! A lot of us race through life as though it's a marathon, not bothering to slow down and admire the view. Do it. Don't wait for something to make you stop and look around you. Do it this weekend, even if it's only for a few minutes. Listen to a song you haven't heard for ages and remember why you love it. Re-read a story you haven't read in a while and fall in love all over again. Most of all, do something which makes YOU HAPPY!



  1. I am nominating you for the Sunshine Award in tomorrow's post! :D I hope you get better soon, and you are right: we need to slow down and enjoy. Seems I have been going in circles for the past year here! Happy blogging!

  2. So The Universe is forcing you to slow down...
    I hope it heals quickly though, now that you've learned your lesson about slowing down! And hey, it gives you time to read!

  3. I just thought of something that may have caused it... did you say you'd been sick recently? Coughing? I've had bad coughs that caused a lot of pain in the ribs from the exertion of coughing so much... could it be that?