Saturday, 2 June 2012

Who Or What Is Veetu Industries?

Many people have asked how Veetu Industries ties in with “Mars on the Rise”. Read on to find out...


Welcome. The year is 1895 and you are currently standing in a top secret facility on the edge of Svenfur. This building covers 1,300,000 square feet. The roof above you is arched and sunlight streams in through high set windows.

If you look up, you will see the latest in stealth warfare. With a black outer skin and gondola and near silent props, The Nightcreeper is just one of the many weapons in our arsenal.

Veetu Industries are the country's largest weapons manufacturer. Founded in 1841 by Erus Veetu, we specialise in keeping your borders secure and evil at bay. You may ask how Erus remains so young while maintaining a fifty year old business. I'm afraid that I cannot answer as it is a closely guarded government secret.

Our workforce stretches from the rolling Downs of Svenfur to the Highlands in the North. No inch of this great country is left unguarded. If war were to break out tomorrow you would find yourself in the arms of the safest country on the planet.

Our motto – Safe, Strong, Steadfast – means exactly that. We offer strength and reliability. Should any of our machines fail in the heat of battle then we will compensate you to double the cost of the failed weapon as well as for any crew lives lost. The safety of your crew is just as important to us as the safety of your country. All of our weapons are put through a multitude of tests which is why we offer you this guarantee of excellence.

I can see that you are interested. If you would just like to step this way we can begin the purchasing process.

Veetu Industries: Safe, Strong, Steadfast.

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