Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kitty Rescue!

Gosh, you all must see a million posts like this every day, but I'm still going to write it.

This cartoon reduced me to tears, made me find the cat (well, he's not ours. He's the neighbours. But he spends enough time here!) and give him a huge hug. He's a rescue cat, adopted from the shelter when he was about a year old. That's still a kitten to most of us but probably old enough to have not adopted by many.

If you're going to adopt (and we highly recommend it!), think about adopting an older animal. They're just as much fun, and just as loving. The next cat is definitely going to be an older one. Can't wait!


  1. awww, that poor kitty they were going to pick, me heartbroken for it!

  2. I know why I have a 5-8 year old nutcase from a Spanish gas chamber, that was sent there because she was too old (aka no cute kitten any more) - and she's great and so thankful for any friendly touch she may get. And now she's not starved any more, she's turning into a real beauty - the last development is a nice caramel hue on her back and ears from the Siam cat that's somewhere in there.

    So, give more hugs to Bertie, he deserves some.


  3. I heartily second adopting older cats. My wife and I are suckers. If we go to the shelter to find a cat, we'll come home with the least-adoptable kitty in the place. Not that we usually need to go to the shelter though - usually they walk up to the back door. We currently have 5, three of which arrived that one. #4 came from a friend of a friend who couldn't keep him anymore, because her house was foreclosed and she couldn't find an apartment willing to let her keep more than 2 cats.

    The latest addition, Esme (named after Granny Weatherwax), came to us from our vet. She's somewhere over 10 (vet's bet guess), and came to him from another client who had found her as a stray but already had a houseful. She was sitting in the cage in the waiting area where he rotates the kitties he's hoping to find homes for during business hours, when I brought one of our other guys in. When I saw that she was showing signs of kidney failure, and was already on a special diet and subcutaneous fluids, I knew no would ever consider adopting her. So naturally we did. I wasn't hopeful of having her long, because once the kidneys start to go you're fighting a delaying action, but we've had her seven months now, and she's doing wonderfully. And she's an absolutely great cat, although I do wish she would get over wanting to be on my keyboard as I type...

    1. Hehe I'm glad we're not the only ones whose cats just appear at the back door!