Friday, 8 June 2012

Bring Down The Wall!



Drug Dependency



Overbearing mothers

Loss of a father



"All in all, you're just another brick in the wall..."

Pink Floyd's The Wall conjures up many images and can be possibly be interpreted in a million and one different ways. As the director of this evening's performance put it, "The Wall makes the current recession look like a walk in the park". Tonight I had the privilege of seeing it performed live in Tamworth. 

Mixing up live music, dance, a light show, pyrotechnics, graffiti, performance, poetry and film, the modern re-telling of the wall touches on a lot of recent subjects - the war in Afghanistan, the death and mourning of our soldiers, racism, the London riots, the phone hacking scandal, ageism. Often uncomfortable to watch, it brought up many different emotions within myself - sadness, pain, remembrance of past events in my life, the need to fit in and, finally, the realisation and jubilation that I'm "Not just a brick in the wall", that I don't have to be part of the system, that I don't have to "conform" to what the "system" wants me to be. Wrenched through these emotions, by the final act, I was on my feet, screaming along for the wall to be torn down.

The music was incredible! Provided by Floydian Slip, it was amazing to hear songs which I've only ever heard on CD. The kicker for me was hearing "Goodbye Blue Sky" performed live. This song has a special place in my heart, gifted to me by friends in wake of the 9/11 attacks as a way of helping to cope and deal with the strains and stresses of not knowing where NYC-bound friends were. I've carried it with me since that day and to see it coupled with images of war memorials really brought it home.

The dancers, actors, poets, vocal artists - all were brilliant! There were often times when you didn't know where to look, who to focus on. They were all a wonderful addition, weaving in and out of the craziness that is The Wall. I can't fault any of them. They were all amazing and I hope that they're proud of themselves.

You're not just a brick in the wall! Never forget that! Don't let the people around bring you down. Be you and be amazing!

Check back soon; hopefully I'll be able to get hold of some photos of it. Until then, I'm going to go and purchase the original!

"Pink Floyd were the Rage Against the Machine of their time." (Thanks Dad for putting into perspective for me!)

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