Saturday, 9 July 2016

This Is Just a Tribute - Part 2

I'm sitting here, watching Sonic Highways, and trying to unlock the secret to the popularity of one of the world's biggest rock bands. There's a notebook on my knees and a cup of tea to my left. The recorder I use for interviews sits at my elbow with an XLR cable dangling from its rear.

Because I've got a(nother) confession to make. Despite what the walls of my flat (apartment for my American friends) say, I'm not the world's biggest Foo Fighters fan. Bar four or five songs, they're not really the kind of music I normally listen to. Sorry, guys, but you're more likely to find me in the pit of a Megadeth concert than a Foo Fighters one.

I have to admit that they do look very cool!

But I'm not here to pick the band apart. There's a number of reasons why I have the absolute utmost respect for them. This is a band that rose from the ashes of another to take on a world that was favouring auto-tuned pop music. This is a band that is comprised of a bunch of hardcore music fans, their own love radiating out to those who come in to contact with them. This is a band that will go to the ends of the Earth, quite literally, to have a few moments sharing the stage with their heroes. They are the ultimate music lovers band and their passion has obviously crossed over in to those who follow them.

Which is why I've added another book to the roster of ones that I'm working on. At the insistence of some of friends, I'm writing a book that's centred on the fans and tribute bands that follow this band wherever they may roam. And, damn, these are some passionate fans. Never, in all my life of being a music fan, have I seen anything like it (which is surprising because metalheads tend to be a pretty passionate lot, too). These are the people who live and breathe the band and, because of that, it makes them instantly, and attractively, lovable. I've made a good number of Foo friends and their unadulterated love makes me smile and warm to them. I have absolutely no problem sitting down with them and having a coffee while listening to them wax lyrical about all that is Foo Fighters. They're beautiful and enthusiastic and, as such, definitely warrant their stories being immortalised in print.

So this is it. I know there's a few of those friends reading this and I want to thank you for everything. For loving me even though I have a tendency to go running back to the Megadeth fandom whenever a new tour is announced. For always looking on the positive side of life. For championing my writing. For lifting others up in their time of need. You're wonderful, amazing people and this book is a dedication to all that you are and all that you do.

Would you be willing to be interviewed for the book? Feel free to leave a message over on Facebook ( or email me at:

rae (at)

I know there's a few questions that may come up so here's that information for you, too:

  • How will you interview me?
    All interviews will take place over the phone. We'll arrange a date and a time and I'll give you a call. If you have Skype or FaceTime Audio, even better (for some reason FaceTime Audio seems to be a lot clearer than a normal phone line).
  • I live in the States/Australia/Japan etc. Can I still take part?
    Absolutely! I can arrange my schedule to fit in with the time difference.
  • I play in a Foo Fighters tribute band. Can we take part, too?
    Yes! Yes! Yes! I came across an inordinate amount of Foo Fighters tributes while I was putting together the contact list for the tribute bands book. The sheer number of active bands covering the Foos music far outstrips anyone else on my list (be proud of yourselves for that!) and was one of the many reasons that I wanted to write this book.
  • How do we know that you're legitimate?
    I have several published books and picked up a couple of awards along the way. I've also worked on screenplays, anthologies, short stories, and copy for websites, blogs, and products. I work in healthcare during the day and write in the evenings. I also use some of my spare time to work with reading and creative writing projects in local schools.

This is a book that I'm really looking forward to writing and I look forward to talking to you all. Until then...

Oh sweet ignition be my fuse,
You have no choice you have to choose.
Bid farewell to yesterday,
Say goodbye I'm on my way.

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  1. But in the end we all,
    Come from what's come before.

    Fuck it all, I came from nothing! (One of my latest mottos.)