Tuesday, 5 July 2016

This Is Just a Tribute - Part 1

It started with a photograph and ended with a book.

Or at least the bare bones of a book.

For a long time, I'd wanted to write something that my Mum could read. She won't touch my novels because, well, too much sex and violence for her. She doesn't want that. She wants something positive and happy. Truth be told, I don't blame her, because I want the same, too.

When I first started publishing my books, I was in a very dark place and they became an outlet for me to express what I was feeling. What followed were three novels written in rapid succession. One of them went on to win awards, something I'm still proud of today.

As the years moved on, so did I, and I found that I had a desire to put more happy things out in to the world. And, four years after my first book hit the shelves, here we are.

I've always wanted to combine my love of writing and music. It's a topic that many of my friends have requested. So how did I end up with an outline for a book about tribute bands and a list of people to contact?

There's a few reasons. The biggest one is my family. They're ridiculously talented when it comes to music.

First, there's Mum and Dad.

Then there's Andy.

Up next is Joe

And finally, there's me. I write books.

Drink silly amounts of tea.

And throw parties where I get to wear really cool clothes.

But I'll never be stick-twirling, vinyl-spinning, busking-for-your-airfare-home* kind of cool. Instead I use my talents to express my love of music rather than play it.

Secondly is because I've spent a lot of time working with, and watching, tribute bands. Joe got his start by playing with bands that covered the likes of Metallica and Iron Maiden. There were nights where he'd play three or four sets with three or four different bands. He now plays for a wedding band and composes music for video games and adverts. Andy still DJ's, and Mum and Dad, well, like the rest of us, will play in any place that will have them.

This book is, in a way, a tribute to them and the love of music that they instilled in all of us. From the early days of listening to Cream and the Beatles, to more recent times when we've packed up the car and headed to Wembley or Milton Keynes, they gave our family a bond that was forged from an unwavering love for music.

*Apparently they were waiting for the bus to come and take them to the airport and NOT busking for the airfare home. Dad thinks that the latter option would have been more fun.


Are you in a tribute band? I've got interview spots available and would love to talk to you. Interviews can be done in person or over the phone (In person interviews are dependent on location. I will call you for phone interviews). Please get in touch via the comments or email:

rae (at) raegee.co.uk

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