Friday, 1 July 2016

Change of Plans

Walt Disney had his work stolen and struggled to make a name for himself. Yet he was still successful.

James Dyson couldn't find a distributor willing to sell his vacuums. He's now worth nearly five billion dollars.

Success isn't just for a few people who have been selected by some unseen force. Firstly, success is how you define it, whether it's a book deal, more money, or getting your own house. And one thing that you need to achieve your desired target is hard work.

Getting to that golden place, your utopia, takes dedication and investment. Your investment may be time, money, or sacrificing having a social life or romantic relationship.

For the first four years of my writing life, I had no social life. I didn't go out with friends and I barely left the house except to go to work. I've been single since 2011 and this self inflicted solitary confinement is starting to pay off. Only now do I feel like I have enough experience to start stretching my wings in to other projects and it's only been in the last year that my social life has started to pick up again (Which, of course, leads to the eternal struggle of “Concert? Or writing? Concert? Or writing?”!).

But not everything I work on is successful. Living Las Vegas was a good example of this in that it needed funding to go ahead. The Kickstarter was the last in many funding routes that I'd taken and was part of a process that spanned the past 24 months. Yet I haven't given up on it. For now, Living Las Vegas has been moved on to a back burner while I work on another project.

Don't give up when life gets you down. You may be discouraged now but tomorrow the sun will rise and the sky will still be blue. Take time to collect yourself and see how far you've come. Then move on to something else. If something is supposed to happen for you, eventually it will. Take the lessons that every day gives you and work out how you can grow from them. Go with the flow, work hard, and see what each day brings.

Life is beautiful. Makes yours a good one.

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