Saturday, 26 January 2013

Steampunk Authors - I Need You!

Hello authors!

I need you! I'm organising the authors for the Triffin on the Trinc event on June 16th 2013. There are 4 spaces left at the captain's table (yes, that's where we'll be based!) and you're welcome to come and speak/give a lecture/answer questions/drink tea (which, as far as I know, will be free. There will be trouble if it isn't!)/generally have a splendid time. There will be room to sell books and hand out goodies as we'll have a chart table which sits 9. There will also be a lectern for reading from and there will be plenty of time for you to speak.

If you've got any questions, or want to take part (and you're most welcome to! Would be great to have you!), feel free to email me at and I'll send you the booking form.

Ticking information can be found at:

You can find more info at:

- I have a book to promote. If I read/do a lecture, will there be a place for me to sell it?

Absolutely! You can display the book/pamphlet/wax disk in the Captain's Cabin and take turns manning the display to sell all day/evening. Authors will have the large (seats 9) charting table in the Captain's Cabin. All I ask is a nominal charge of £10, assuming you want to come aboard and stay aboard. Ticking information can is at:

- If I don't want to read/lecture, can I have a stall? If so, how much will it cost?
Yes, no problem, £30 for a 6ft table between the cannon on the Gun Deck. Please email Rae for the booking form.

- Do I have to pay to get into the event or will people involved be exempt from paying? If I have to pay to enter the event, how much is it?

You will get in for free if exhibiting/reading/selling/singing/or otherwise part of the event. However, if you want to roam the quayside and it's various fake shops etc. which are great for photo ops, then the council will want a fee, so an advance booking rate of £5 fee instead of the normal £8.50. Then of course there's the gig, so the "Access all Areas" pass for authors, illustrators etc. will be £30. At 5pm, the quayside closes, but is then free to access the ship. Anyone staying for the concert will need a separate ticket.

- Can I bring someone else to help me man the stall/make a cup of tea etc? Will they get in for free too? Or do they need to pay?

Assistants can enter for free, and like exhibitors, won't be able to visit any of the attractions on the quayside without paying the normal entrance fee, so you have to decide if you're happy to be on board and only visit the cafe, toilets etc. Or if you want to see everything in the historic quay. As for tea, that's provided for stallholders for free - jut buy your own cake. We'll have food and tea on the mess deck, plus toddys and even the Trincs own beer in the evening bar.

- How long do I have to speak?

Unless we're overwhelmed, we're currently thinking of 20mins(ish) with a 10 min(ish) break between speakers, to allow people to come and go, autographs to be given etc. Depending on numbers, you should get more than one opportunity to do this.

- Is there anything I can/can't do on board the ship?

No naked flames, no piracy, apart from that anything goes. You're free to explore all three decks, take photos, fraternise but only with your clothes on, and if the weather's nice and you want to give impromptu readings on deck, that's fine too. There will be sea shanties during the day, and Egyptian Belly Dancers, so prepare to be distracted.

Take care and look forward to hearing from you!
Rae :)


  1. Hi I am the author of a steampunk novel The Jowler set in Frome. You can read about it here: I am happy to do a reading/talk about the book/whatever you like contact me.

    1. Hello Mr Paul!
      As strange chances would have it, I was just looking at your blog. :) If you drop me an email at I'll send over the contact form I've been given and add you to my list.
      Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you!