Sunday, 6 January 2013


Firstly, Happy New Year! I know it's a bit late but I hope that you're all settling in to the new year and have great plans. :)

*** Trigger Warning: Rape ***

Over the past few days I've spoken (on Facebook and Twitter at least) a lot about something called OpRollRedRoll (#OpRollRedRoll on Twitter). The story behind it has been gathering momentum over the past couple of weeks. The details are too immense to go into with new evidence coming to light every day. You can read about what started it at this Huffington Post story. The story is bad enough; I've not dared to watch the video and don't think I'll ever be able to bring myself to.

Why am I concerning myself with a crime story from thousands of miles away? Why not? Not only should something like this concern many people, it's also one which is close to my heart.

You see, I'm one of possibly millions of Jane Doe's, women who've been attacked and who, for whatever reason never got the justice they deserved. Some may have been too scared to speak, fearing ridicule and worse. Some, as with this story, may have been told it wasn't worth pursuing a prosecution for whatever reason. A huge one is evidence. The evidence of a rape, especially in drugged cases, can disappear in hours. Unless the person knows what happened, by the time they find out it's normally too late to do anything.

Thankfully, with this case, there is mountains over evidence, all of it being brought to light by hacker group Anonymous. Normally I wouldn't condone what they do but, this time, I feel that they've done the right thing which is why I've stepped up to offer my support. You too can help. If you're on Twitter, search for the hastag. If you're not, there's a Facebook page where people are linking to petitions and information.

No one, whether female or male, should have to hide in the wake of abuse against them. No one should have to feel so hopeless that they feel that their only option is to kill themselves (as we saw recently in the Indian cases). No one should be told that they can't have justice. No one should have to go through what this young woman is going through. No one should find themselves, as a victim, being blamed for being raped.

If you feel you can stand up for someone, no matter what the incident, do so. You never know who you're going to help.

Happy 2013, everyone! May yours be blessed and filled with light, love, safety and freedom.

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