Friday, 23 November 2012

The Religion of Science

(Or the Science of Religion. Whichever. Pick a title!)

Science and religion are two very strange bedfellows. They don't tend to get along very well.

Unless you live in our house where they grab a bottle of good red wine and crash out together to watch England beat Germany 5-0 in penalties (which no amount of science or religion will solve because, as everyone knows, England's shite at penalties).

Why? Well, I come from a bit of an odd family (the sign in the kitchen says it all. "Remember, as far as anyone knows, we're a nice, normal family..."). My Dad's an engineer, one of those blokes who can fix anything from the stapler to a military jet (That one I only found out about a few years ago. Thanks Official Secrets Act!).

And it also brings about some interesting conversations and debates. Such as, would the ark have been possible? Was the world really created in seven days? How could you part the sea? Give him twenty minutes with a pencil, paper and slide rule and he'll give you the answer. And if he can't find the answer, he'll keep on going until he comes to some kind of conclusion. It's an odd, and extremely funny, marriage, one which we've enjoyed since we were young.

'Cause, you see, we'd take the those stories we were told in Sunday school and challenge his brain with them. As you can see, it's still fun!

Unlike some people, my parents happily acknowledge that, without science, the world wouldn't be the world it is. We wouldn't have medicines, or high speed travel, or computers, or the internet, without the power of the human mind. "Sure," they say, "we'll pray for you while you're sick, but you better be taking those pills the doctors gave you. 'Cause if you don't there's gonna be trouble."

Want to know how that plane got off the ground? Here, have a physics book. Want to look a little deeper at life? Here, read something by one of the great teachers who've passed through this world.

Recently we've been talking a lot about the science of music and how the body is "programmed" to respond to certain rhythms and beats. There's a lot written about the subject so feel free to Google it. It's utterly fascinating and a reminder of just how incredible this world is.

This post was inspired by this video. Despite having worked for Rolls Royce, Dad never got to see this test done. He often wondered what he was missing on test days. Now he knows! Be sure to crank the volume up!

I know that both religion and science are touchy subjects for some people. This post is just a humorous look at my slightly crazy family. Please treat it as such. :) My dream? That everyone, no matter what religion or scientific leaning they have, will be able to live in perfect harmony. Let's try and make it happen. :)


  1. I think it's very cool that you can have such discussions with your dad as "would the ark have been possible?" I would have gotten strange looks for posing such a question, but my mind is always wondering about stuff like that!

    1. We are a bit crazy! You should come and join us one day! The discussions do get extremely mental at times. :D

      And thank you! Can't wait to hear what you think! Much love to you, my friend. :) xx

  2. Oh! PS - I am on chapter 7 I think of your new book! :) Good job, as usual. Will be answering your letter soon. XO