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Inspirational Interview 1 - Abir

Over the past year I've had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know Abir. Strong, funny, lovely, creative, beautiful and an inspiration to all, she's inspired me to start a series of interviews on the website. I wanted to find people who share the love of being positive, of putting good works into the world, and trying to change it for the better. Because this world is just so dark right now. It needs a pick-me-up. Needs people to stand up for they believe in, and to show the world that we're not all going to give in to the horrors which happen on a daily basis.

Abir is part of Gothrock band Madness of the Night. Their music carries strong messages and is gaining a lot of momentum in the world. So, without further ado, I'd love for you to meet the wonderful Abir.


Hello Abir! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. It's great to see you! Please tell us a little about yourself.

Greetings Rach. I’m very happy to answer you and honored to be interviewed by you.
All I can say that I lived a very hard life, in extreme wars, abusive relationships, very abusive father. I could say that I have been locked many years in my room not to see my father. I’m a feminist, songwriter, singer, painter, drummer, software programmer, DJ. I have experienced everything in life pleasures and pain. I come from Beirut. From a very political family. My grandfather was a minister in the Lebanese government. My family is a very open multicultural tolerant family. We have Christians, Muslims, Druze, Buddists and different nationalities inside our family. It is a big family. Though i lived in Oppressed situations in many different phases in my life. I'm also a Bipolar and married to a Swedish man which is my partner in life and music.

Madness of the Night, for me, harken back to earlier bands, easily capturing the sound and feel which has been missing for so long. Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from inside. We have never been trying to sound like anyone. Though we listen to Classicals, Opera, Gothic rock . And we simply do it our way. For me as a singer I don’t want to sing like any particular singer.

What kind of message are you trying to get over?

I would like to unite people through my music. There is a political message, a feminist message to women, a warning to politicians not to use people. A message of a revolution to the world. And standing for what is right even if you are alone. Peace and Unity between all nations on earth is what is the vision of MOTN.

Are there any artists or bands who inspire you?

Not Artists nor any band. Do I sound bad because i say this? (No, not bad at all! Rae) What inspires me is the voice of nature, birds, sea, hearing bombs in Beirut it effected me a lot. Those are voices that inspired me and they flow inside of me all the time.

Do you ever feel marginalized by society because of the music you make? If so, do you feel you're able to break down these barriers?

There are pressures. People would think why be an artist. You cannot own money from it. Work as a politician and you would become rich and more written about. Those opinions I heard. It makes the person stronger. Just ignore this. In Sweden there is a word called Lagom it means everything have to be the same, everyone should dress the same, eat the same. Much more like a Socialist way of thinking. No one is allowed to think outside the box!.

Madness of the Night have recently been picked up by a manager and record label. You've also been getting a lot of radio play. You must be extremely proud! How does it feel?

Our manager is Fredrik Ahlström he is a relative in our family. He have helped us a lot in getting played. He wrote a lot of promotions, letters and hardwork on twitter, facebook, sites even phone.
Massacre Records is our label. And yes I’m proud. I hope it gives a reason for other people to have the same motivation. If you believe it will be. And nothing can stop you.

The band, tragically, has been the focus of a few negative attacks, which you take in your stride. It's an unfortunate side effect of another person's success and one which needs to be dealt with. How do you deal with people who want to bring you down? Do you have any advice for others who are just starting out in creative industries on how to deal with such people?

We have been sent letters, phone calls, stalkers over the internet. There is someone trying to stop us and he or they can never will. We will do what is right and focus on bringing out the message of MOTN. I presume bad or shit talk is jealousy. You only need to be original not a copycat and believe in yourself. In general many artists are attacked all the time by other bands, DJ's or ignorant people. The strong person knows how to ignore shit talk and continue working.

Being a woman in the music industry can be tough, with only a handful of bands ever seeming to get the recognition they deserve. How do you feel about being a woman in the music industry?

I never view myself as a woman while singing. If I do then I know maybe I will not be able to grow balls, grow a mustache someday and sing like a man. Start seeding yourself from inside as a human not a gender.
You can also wear makeup and wear bikini. You can wear a slip. What matters is being tough and don't take shit from no one. I recognize myself with a Transsexual voice I sometimes like to change the pitches of my voices from male pitch to the female pitch.

Do you find there are certain pressures on you to do a particular thing, or dress a particular way?

No. I usually dress what I want. In the Gothic subculture. There is Always the dark Colors. This is a shallow View. It is the music that counts not the dress. If you Wear orange or yellow but got the talent nothing will stop you. Andrew Eldritch with his famous orange shirt lol. For me personally I wear what I want.

Do you think women are taken seriously in the music industry?
Yes and no. It depends on the radio, label, surrounding and open mindness of people. Submit your music to serious DJ's, serious radios and serious labels that's my answer.

Or are they just treated as “sex symbols”? If so, what do you think needs to be done to break these perceptions?

We surround ourselves with assholes not all men are Jerks. Not all men are dark forces. Not all men abuse women. But we the women allow those men determine the rules. Being sexy is wonderful. If you wanna go naked do it but do it for yourself, maybe just being daring, sharing a powerful message and not pleasing a handful of men. This is what is a sex symbol is pleasing men. Please yourself. Find the power to break the rules.

You're well known for your amazing support of minorities, in particular women. What message would you like to give to the world? What would you like to say to the women of the world?
Yes :
Only revolution inside of you
it will liberate you
only rebellion
strengthen you
only your strength
will embrace u
raise in steel
this is how you feel
the power in yourself
will reveal you

Can you pinpoint where your views came from? What keeps you going with your support when there's so much negativity in the world?
My views comes from Life. I lived in East and West. To understand that this world needs tolerance, acceptance, revolution, standing against wars and politicians, removing jealousy hate from your heart and being happy for other people when they achieve. Negativity comes from tragedy but through tragedy comes triumph.

Your positivity and beautiful mental attitude is an inspiration to many. It's something which many around the world need to learn about and use. How do you keep yourself so positive?
I surround myself with positive people, positive manager, label, positive DJs, friends. Enviroment is important. When you hear bombs on the streets all your life many cannot be positive. But in every stone grows a flower. Grab this flower.

What advice would you give to people who want to change their outlook and become more positive?

No one can stop you. Be original. Be not a copycat. Do your thing. Enforce happiness on yourself cause everyone deserve it. Love the ones who are jealous from you. Positivity is your only choice against odds, wars, tragedy in life. Never submit, never quit! 


Is there anything else you'd like to say? Any messages or information we need to know?

We have added a member to Madness of the Night. She is a very talented Sitar artist and theatre artist. Her name is Fatima Addberger she is also an Indian Scandinavian (Sami).
Our Facebook page is . MOTN will be played on Arabic Radio but that news will be announced there by Fredrik as soon as we know when. And our new song Stand Up is on only on our Facebook page will not be found anywhere else. It is dedicated to the Syrian Revolution and against dictators!.

Thank you for taking time to interview me. I enjoy the questions. Smiles.

To listen to Madness of the Night, go to:

You can find them on online at:

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