Thursday, 22 December 2011

Welcome To Svenfur (Part 1)

Welcome to the city that's about to become your new home! Svenfur is the city that's home to Mars On The Rise. Settle in, and enjoy. :)

Welcome to Svenfur

Everyone says that their city is the one people come to in order to seek their fortune. Everyone says their city is the one with roads paved of gold.

Svenfur is not one of these cities. Although situated on the coast, it is a city of industry, driven by the grinding gears of innovation. Or so they would have you believe. It is more a place where great ideas come to and are transformed into something completely different.

On the edges of the city, even in the more upmarket areas, are the wheels that grind out these ideas, one after the other. Huge churning factories which belch soot and smoke into the air, decorating everything close by in a dull hue of grey. God forbid if you live beside one of these places in the nicer areas; your house would be worth next to nothing, an eyesore and an abomination.

But no, you live in the penthouse suites of the Grand Hotel, over looking the sea. Before you is the pier, a green steel structure rising from the sea, a place of contradictions. It is a stretch of bawdy dance halls and games, a place where the rich go to pretend that they are not rich and where the poor go to begin their evening of singing, dancing and pretending they are not poor. You may have walked along the boards of the pier. You may have taken in the bright lights and the clashing smells of sickly sweet and sea salty food. You may even have stopped to listen to a young man playing his trade beside the railings.

Stretching before you is the wide promenade of Sea View Road. Unlike most thoroughfares in the city, it is kept clean, the usual layer of dirt nothing more than a memory. Along it dance delicately twisting gas lamps, flames held high to light the paths of those who come and go. Rambling along the spacious roads are the usual assortment of horse drawn cabs, trams and brightly coloured twin decked omnibuses. Mingling with the various forms of transport are the small, steam powered walkers, clunking devices which resemble headless horses and are probably more expensive to keep. 

Welcome to Svenfur Part 2.

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