Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mordark - Spain's Dark Metal Secret

One of the things I love about being a writer is that I get to meet some truly wonderful people. Whether it's on the bus or via social media, the friendships that have been formed are ones that going to last a long time. And one of the common bonding subjects is music.

The members of Mordark are one such group of friends. They've recently put out a new CD and they're one of the hardest working metal bands I've ever met. They took time out from their busy schduele to drop by and answer some questions.

Hi, guys! Please introduce yourselves.
Hi, I'm founder guitarrist of the band. I'm at the voices too, by now.
Hello, Im Raul González, vocals and bassist of the band.
Hi, I'm Dyna, I'm the drummer.
Hi, I’m Sandy and I play keyboard.

Your band is Mördark. How long have you been playing together and where did you form?

Henryk: as a guitarist and creator of my own band I've been for fifteen years in the band, Dyna is here since 2007, and Raul is here since 2012.

Describe your music to us in five words.

Beasts, madness, blood, darkness, and paganism.

Where does the name Mördark come from and what does it mean?

Mördark name come from a legend created by me (Henryk), Mördark was an ancient warrior who was betrayed, in middle age, dark age. He came from the other side searching a revenge.

You have a really great classic metal sound to your music. Who, or what, inspires you? Where do you draw the inspiration for your songs from?

Wow! Thank you, Rae! Well, we find inspiration in old black metal school, power metal, thrash metal, and old legends came from ancient people from Europe.

What do you think of the metal scene at the moment?

Dyna: well, new rising of pagan metal and extreme metal, it’s awesome, is nice to hear songs about Viking gods, but much of new bands don’t have any personality. Same riffs all the time, and, no guitar solo? No way.

Raul: I think they have potential but they don’t have that essence from 80`s or 90's, they try to get it but they don’t have an own personality, as Dyna said.

Henryk: actually, there are very good new bands, but most of new bands repeating same, kids of today don’t know to listen to music, you only have to switch on the TV and you will know what I mean.

Sandy: I dunno, I guess there are lots of promising new bands coming out but not really any Metallicas or Iron Maidens. Maybe it’s because metal is quite old now (about 45 years?). I guess it’ll never be big again like it was in the 70s and 80s but it’s important for new bands to form and up and coming bands to keep trying. New bands are always good.

How do you find the reception to Mördark in your home country? Is there a lot of interest in you? What's the Spanish metal scene like?

Well, I have to speak truth, I have to say we don’t have any support. All is “we don’t like black” or
“your band sounds poorly” well, we don’t have money to go to a studio, we make all that we can,
if they don’t appreciate our band, also, we'll have to give to other people like you to enjoy. Very few people in Spain helped us, we want to thanks to them the only support we have in our country.

Who would be your perfect line up be?

Well, our formation is perfect now, but we need another guitarist. Someone like, but Abbath from Immortal would be awesome!

A lot of people are interested in the instruments you use as well as the recording process. Where did you record your current album and who mixed it? What gear do you use?

Well, we recorded the album at home, with our pc, our gear is a Jackson Kelly guitar, a Daytona bass with double pickups, a Marshall 100watts guitar amps, a single drum set, a Mustaine Zoom pedal, a distortion pedal for guitar, and the software, Adobe Audition, VST plug-in as amplitube metal, ampeg, VST powerdrumkit, that last its free, and amazing. Oh, and keyboards, Sandy used her keyboard.

Where can we find you, and your music, online?

You guys can find us in youtube, in this link is our channel! And on Find us on facebook, too.

Finally, do you have anything to say to anyone who wants to break into the music industry?

Patience, don’t give up, and have a good time, enjoy the music, guys! 


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  1. awesome! the best is the pic with our Cd, thanks for all,Rae!