Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Place Called Home

When I started this blog I wanted to be only about writing. Books, the creative process, the publishing industry; that's what I wanted it to be about. But there are a million and one blogs and websites out there who can talk about this far better than I ever will.

Slowly it evolved in to what it is today. I wanted a place where people felt at home, somewhere they felt at ease talking about themselves or their work. I didn't want them to feel under pressure to buy books or leave reviews. I wanted a home, not a just house, a place for everyone who passed through to feel comfortable and welcomed.

I'm very blessed in that many people share their lives with me and I want to return that favour. If you so choose, I want you to know the ups and downs of my life. I want to share the battles I've been through, both personally and professionally. I want you to feel like you have a place to talk about what's happening and not feel judged. And this, hopefully, is that place. No matter who you are and no matter what your background, you're welcome here.

There may be subject matter on this blog that some people feel uncomfortable with and that's perfectly fine. What's happened to me may not be for everyone. As a warning, I'll let you know that there are posts about drug addiction and recovery. But there are also many happy posts, including interviews and photographs of people who've inspired me.

I thank you for visiting and thank you for sharing this little space with me.


  1. Thank you for sharing, Rae. I wish you happiness and success.

    1. You too, Cherry. Thank you so much for passing by.