Sunday, 1 February 2015

No More Touts 7 - Fan Pressure Campaign

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I received an email from Mike Weatherley MP today. Mike is currently fighting for a fairer and more transparent secondary ticket market in the house of commons and he needs our help:

Over the last few years, there have been many discussions in Parliament about ‘Secondary Tickets’
or ‘Ticket Touts’.

Efforts to curb the market, and for ticket exchanges to work in favour of fans, have been thwarted
for various reasons.

We now have a real chance of making some changes and would ask for your help.

Using the template below, or your own words, we would encourage you to email your MP asking
them to support this amendment when it comes back to the House of Commons.

If you’re not sure who your MP is or how to contact them, you can find out by entering your

More information can be found on the APPG Ticket Abuse website:


[Your name and full address]

Dear [name of MP]


As your constituent, I write to ask for you to support the proposals of the All Party Parliamentary
Group on Ticket Abuse, co-chaired by Mike Weatherly MP (Conservative) and Sharon Hodgson MP
(Labour), and the Lords amendments, to inject necessary transparency to the secondary ticketing

As a fan of live events I am regularly frustrated to see tickets for events I want to go to apparently
sold out within minutes of going on sale, only for thousands of them to instantly appear on
secondary sites – such as Viagogo, Seatwave, GetMeIn! and Stubhub – often at significant mark-ups.

These sites are supposed to be about fans selling tickets they can no longer use to other fans, and if
that’s all it was there wouldn’t be a problem – but what sport or music fan buys dozens of tickets for
a gig only to decide within a few minutes that they can’t go?

The Government’s aim should be to increase transparency in the secondary market. It would mean
that touts selling their tickets through major internet platforms will have to prominently disclose key
facts to consumers, assisting the fans, the event providers and the police to ensure a fair ticketing

If the secondary ticketing platforms have nothing to fear from transparency, they should have
nothing to fear from this legislation. I would therefore be grateful if you would confirm your
commitment to see fans protected when it comes back to the House of Commons.

Yours sincerely,
[Your name]


You can continue to follow this campaign at:
And with the hashtag #nomoretouts

You can also sign the petition calling for tighter regulations on the secondary ticket market. It's quick and easy to do. You can find the petition at:

You can read everything I've written so far on the campaign here.

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