Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy

My family from America are in the UK at the moment. You know what's coming next, don't you? Yep, they're trying to get home but Hurricane Sandy has dealt them a bad hand. They were routed to fly into Philadelphia but that airport is about to shut down, along with most of New York. Scary, scary stuff.

We Brits love to moan about our weather, but we never get anything like this and, for that, we're grateful. The most we get is when the news forecasts snow. When that happens, the country shuts down, even if the snow never arrives. Yep, we're pussies when it comes to the weather.

A lot of my friends also live Stateside and I just wanted you to know that we're thinking about you. We're praying and lighting candles for you, and hoping that you're all safe and well. We do worry and we're keeping on top of the news (ironically, our family found out about the hurricane from BBC News rather than from anyone across the pond).

It looks crazy and we hope that, if you're in the path, you're prepared and ready to go. If your power goes out, please check in with us once it's back on. We'll love you for it. :)

If you're travelling in to, out of, or around the States in the next few days Flight Aware are issuing regular updates on which airports and airlines are closing down and when.

Keep us posted if you can. We want to know that you're okay. Take care and stay safe, America. We love you.


  1. Yes, it is looking like Hurricane Sandy is going to be bad and widespread. We will have strong winds in Florida from it, but every one to the east of us is getting hit.

    1. Hope you're all okay down there. Can't believe the damage. We're all praying for you. xx