Thursday, 9 August 2012

Olympic Spirit

I was a dyed in the wool hater. I didn't think we should have been hosting the Olympics.


Well, because the UK's crap at hosting things/the London transport system wouldn't cope/we like to moan about everything/it rains A LOT.

For some reason people think we're not great at doing things. Heck, we had a terrorist attack the day after we found out we had the 2012 Olympics (the running joke was that the French weren't happy that we'd been chosen over them. That's the British sense of humour for you right there).

Everything began to change when I was invited to an Olympic Opening Party. As the countdown began for the opening ceremony, I burst into tears of joy.

Then the medals started rolling in.

Then I was handed a ticket for a bonafide Olympic event (football at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Except it's currently the City of Coventry Arena because Ricoh aren't an Olympic sponsor. Which I think sounds better than "Ricoh Arena".).

Notice the use of "was" in the first sentence.

Yep, I'm now a dyed in the wool Olympic fanatic. I don't think the UK has really screwed this up (there was the mess with Korean flags on the first day but that's been forgotten. Hasn't it?). People are complimenting how nice it is, how well all the sports are going, how great the opening ceremony was. Apparently America thinks London has replaced Disneyland as Happyville. And the British press have finally (and mostly) gotten on the side of it all. London's still standing, no one's tried to blow us up, we're still smiling, we're still here.

To me, it's great. These people, the athletes, those putting their hearts and souls in to this, are the ones we need to be raising up as celebrities, not those who seek their 5 minutes of fame in reality shows. We need to show everyone that glory comes through hard work and dedication, not falling out of a night club and showing the world your knickers.

Come Sunday, when the closing ceremony lights up our screens and the flag is handed over to Brazil, I'm going to be sad. It'll be the closure of an epic few weeks.

But come the end of August comes another sporting event. Yep, the Paralympics. Where do you think I'll be? Yep, cheering on Team GB.

Thank you, world, for coming to see us. We're loving having you here. Enjoy the rest of it (and the sun, while it lasts!).

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