Sunday, 26 August 2012

Art Makes The World Go Round!

Occasionally I get sent artwork by really cool people who are into the books. Which awesome! It's great that people love the stories so much that they've taken time out of their busy lives to create something for me. It really touches me and makes me realise that the world really is full of great people.

So I thought I'd show you a couple of most recent pieces.

Based on my profile picture apparently! By Cawlm Selena Kauket

Another Steampunk'd pony for me. Love these guys so much! This one by Jane Sharp

This was created DURING the book launch by a very kind audience member. Best gift EVER!

And finally, the awesome Veetu Industries logo! Love it!

Thanks to everyone who creates cool stuff!


  1. Awesome stuff - and such a compliment to have people create art inspired by your book! I thought of you the other night while watch the show Face-Off where one contestant created a costume/makeup with a telescope protruding from one eye and said it was "steampunk".

    1. PS not sure why it says "profile" instead of my name, but it's me ;)

    2. It's great! And I'm so touched that people take the time out to do such things. :) If anyone wants to do anything, they're more than welcome to. I'm not going to be one of these people who screams about copyright whenever someone produces fan art/fan fiction/whatever. It just makes the world a more splendid place. :)