Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Revolver Entertainment - Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Quite literally!

If you're a film fan you may have heard about what's kicking off in the UK at the moment. "Iron Sky" a fan funded film which has been 6 years in the making is being denied a proper release. Revolver Entertainment, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to release the film for a single day.

In the middle of the week.

In cinemas which most people (those who work long shifts or 9-5 anyway) can't reach, or will be too tired to get to by the time they've got in from work/eaten dinner/dealt with kids/done the housework etc.

It's an absolute shambles and, as a film-maker, it breaks my heart. I've supported Iron Sky for the past several years, blogging about it, telling friends and donating money (the film was crowd funded, took 6 years to make and utilised the Wreck-A-Movie website to create it) and I want to watch it on the big screen. I don't want to watch it on DVD (it gets released to DVD a week later minus all the extras that the film-makers want to include). I want to sit in a cinema with 200 other people and be blown away a film which has been lovingly crafted. It certainly makes a change from the Twilight-prequel-sequel-vampire-werewolf-whatever-other-crap-is-being-rushed-out-right-now rubbish. It's a well thought out black comedy. And I want to see it!

No one knows what the reasoning is behind only have a single day release. Revolver Entertainment refuse to tell us. They're just saying that the single day release is in "keeping with the spirit that the film was made".

Which is complete crap. If you've followed the progress of the film (and even if you haven't you can check it out on the website), you'll realise that this is a film made with love. It's a film that the film makers want as many people to see on the big screen as possible. Heck, if I were them, I'd want everyone to see it at least once in the cinema. Revolver are also proving to the entire world (or the UK at least!) why the piracy of entertainment is so wide spread. Don't give the fans what they want and the fan will go and get it themselves, by whatever means possible. Admittedly, everyone I've spoken to has said that if they go the downloading route then they'll be sending money to the Iron Sky team. Because they deserve.

Thankfully the Iron Sky team aren't taking it lying down and we're all helping in getting the message to Revolver that we want the film at the cinema for longer than a few hours. They're helping us to source the DVD from elsewhere, and they're listening to the fans in looking to cancel the contract (it blatantly is a breach of contract between Iron Sky and Revolver) and get the film to us by any means possible. Heck, even if I have to pay £5 to stream it, I'll happily do it because all my money will be going to the amazing people who've moved hell and high water to make this film.

I'm not going to be uncouth and use the words which should be used to describe Revolver Entertainment  (shower of excrement comes to mind.). They know what people think of them and hopefully they'll rethink their decision.

Want to help?
Go to the Iron Sky site and demand to see the film.
Tell Revolver what you think (Facebook)
Tell Revolver what you think (Twitter)
Spread the word and, when it comes to you, go and see it!
Watch the trailer!

With love and thanks from film-makers everywhere!

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