Monday, 14 May 2012

How We Made Coalville Cool!

Looking a little bit posh! What do you think?!
Well, what a wonderful night Saturday was!

If you were there, thank you so much for coming along and supporting the Mars on the Rise book launch!

The launch was held in a tiny theatre in the heart of Coalville. Once upon a time, the theatre was folded onto the back of four trucks and drive around the country. Now it has a permanent home at the Discovery Centre in Snibston.

However, we were hosting a book launch with a difference.

We didn't have the print books. Despite the best efforts of the fantastic team at Torquere, the books are still Stateside. Yet it did nothing to dampen our spirits. Because the show must go on!

On stage. Can you see the nerves?!
As a chill began to fill the air, people arrived, dressed in their finery. Many had taken the time to create wonderful Steampunk costumes.

Tilly Maydme and Arthur Foot (the 3rd), aka The Cogkneys

At 8pm, the curtain went up and the show began! We started with a short session speaking about the book. I was interviewed by the lovely Sir Nigel Mallard (who I am sure has stepped from one of the books!). Despite the nerves, it seemed to go well and I spoke a little about myself, how the book came about and explained a little about the utterly evil Veetu Industries. Although, as is normally the case, once I stepped off stage I suddenly found myself coming up with a million, far better answers!

Following us were the wonderful Cogkneys. A brilliant duo, they entertained us with music hall songs and racy humour, a perfect fit with the theatrical shenanigans which take place in the book.

There was a short break and it was nice to sit for a while and chat to people. I got to see some wonderful art work, created by someone in the audience, as well as chatting to those who'd come. During the interval we gathered the names and addresses of those who had placed orders for the print book.

Having a break!
“I once wrote a book,” Count Rostov began after the interval. “It was on the history of sellotape. Only when I went to send it to the publishers I couldn't find the beginning.” Ba-bum! Count Rostov was fantastic and had the audience laughing and groaning in equal measures. A wonderful chap he is and we believe he hails from somewhere in deepest Russia.
The great Count Rostov!

And then it was time for the finale. The Dark Design travelled from Brighton and were absolutely splendid! The band included strings, a harp, brass section, a mechanical drum kit and stories which will blow your mind! A real Steampunk infusion of rock and folk.

As someone said, we finally made Coalville cool! Now that's a compliment!

By 1am, I was finally home, tired but elated, only to do it all over again the next day when I was invited to spend breakfast with some of the amazing people who had travelled to see the show. Did I make it to breakfast? Of course I did! Because the show must go on!
The Dark Design

A huge thank you to the back stage crew. They worked tirelessly to make sure everything went smoothly. Another thank you to the crew of the Century Theatre for being utterly splendid. It wouldn't have happened without all the pairs of hands which helped out on the night. Thank you!

Again, thank you to everyone who came. We're going to do it again for Book 2. Bigger, better, faster and definitely just as splendid!

Thanks to Rach for the photos! More photos here. Thank you Gary!
The Fabulous Cogkneys!
The Great Count Rostov!
The Splendid Dark Design!
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    1. Ooo fabulous! Thank you so much, you splendid people! :) xx