Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mars on the Rise

Tomorrow will see the end of a long journey. My first novel (and the first in the Veetu Industries series) will finally hit bookshelves and e-readers around the globe.

How do I feel?

Strange. It's a bit like being in a dream, a bit like watching myself from the outside. It's a dream I never thought I'd see come true.

It's odd.

But it's very, very real.

I'm ready for what comes next. Ready to put in the work, talk to people and knock on doors. Ready to tidy up the next books and get them on their way as well.

And ready to thank my wonderful family and friends who've helped me along the way. Without them, it wouldn't have gotten this far.

If you've just joining us, please feel free to settle in. Random ramblings appear here from time to time. Please feel free to come and join us over on Facebook, where you'll be offered a cup of tea and be made very welcome.

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"Mars on the Rise" is released by Torquere Press on April 25th 2012.

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