Sunday, 8 April 2012


It's been a month since I updated this bad boy. Suppose I'd better say something before they close me down and take away from blogging license.

Hopefully, touch wood, and all of that, the book will be with us on April 25th. The big edits on it arrived about a month ago and I turned it in a week later. My brain has literally only just recovered. For the last couple of weeks it's felt like jelly. Not pleasant at all. Which is why, if you've emailed me, sent snail mail, texted, whatever, I've just looked at it and slid into a puddle of goo. But it's getting better so hopefully all systems will soon be returning to normal. I do appreciate all your patience!

There's still tickets for the book launch so if you want any, just drop me a line. rae (at)

I'll keep this short. Really need to get into the habit of actually blogging about useful stuff... Love you loads!

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