Saturday, 30 January 2016

52 Writing Prompts for Fan Fiction Authors

Fan fiction doesn't often get a lot of praise. For the most part, the life of a fan fiction writer is a hidden one, scorned and isolated. Their art isn't seen as art. It isn't seen as a tribute to whatever their original source may be.

Yet fan fiction can be a good exercise for both new and established writers. It gives them a ready prepared canon in which to exercise ideas. And while I can see the legal implications that come from writing fan fiction, I can also see its benefits. Community, a growth in confidence and technique and, for some writers, the opportunity to put their original ideas in to print.

The downside to fan fiction is that it is set in an already established world. Some writers find it difficult to break away from the canon of their fandom and often find themselves repeating the same ideas in order to be creative.

This series of prompts is designed to get the creative juices flowing and be easily interpreted by either new or established fan fiction writers. If you use any of these prompts, please feel free to drop a link to your writing on the Facebook page:

You can download the prompts, for free, as either a PDF for your e-reader or as a printable list.

Happy writing!


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