Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Vegas Tips Part 2!

Back in April, I wrote the first Tips and Tricks of Las Vegas post (primarily aimed at those of us on a budget). Then a friend asked for advice and it's spawned a second post! If you've got any questions, feel free to ask. I've been travelling on a budget for my entire life and there's no such thing as a stupid question. :)

  • Major bands tend to play there outside of the big touring months so keep an eye on their tour dates. A lot of bands have also taken up residences in Vegas. GN'R are at the Hard Rock at the moment.
  • If you're from Europe, you'll know how crazy a metal or rock show can get. For some reason it doesn't seem to be the same across the pond (Unless the band is from outside of the States) so make the most of it and get to the front.
  • If you're not bothered about staying on the Strip, there are a wealth of cheaper Travelodges and motels just a block or so from the action.
  • The North end of the Strip (Freemont Street etc) is cheaper than the south end. If you're on a budget, you'll find the cheaper places to eat there.
  • If you absolutely can't live without your tea and coffee (like me!), take a travel kettle, drinks, and milk. I bought the sachets of pasturised milk from ebay and they travel well stuffed in the kettle.
  • Be warned that there may not be a fridge in the hotel room, even if you are staying on the Strip! Hence the milk sachets. To find out if your hotel will have either a fridge, coffee making facilities, or both just Google the hotel name and what you're looking for. People tend to post those kinds of things on Trip Advisor. Failing that, email the hotel directly.
  • Also, if you're taking a kettle, be prepared for your suitcase to be searched by the TSA. Mine was and they packed it far neater than I originally did!
  • Speaking of drinks. Bottled water in the Strip hotels is notoriously expensive (we're talking between $5 - $8 a bottle). Go to one of gas stations, smaller shops, or Walgreens and get it from there. I think I paid $1.99+tax at the gas station across the road from the Luxor. The exact same bottle in the hotel? $5+tax.
  • Nevada tap water is drinkable so refill those bottles!
  • Alcohol? We're talking $7+ for a bottle of beer. It's cheaper down Freemont St (although that may be changing as they're looking at making the actual street area alcohol free). Or play the slot machines for a while and wait for a waitress to come and take your order. The cost of that drink? A dollar tip!
  • Google Maps is your friend! It'll show you where everything is. The search function is awesome for finding specific places (Hellllloooo In N' Out Burger!).
  • Internet. Yeah, this is a big one. Some places it's free. Some places it's included in the resort fee. Some places it's supposed to be included in the resort fee but isn't. Some places will give you 48 hours free before charging you. Some places will give you 48 hours free and then charge you even though it's supposed to be included in the resort fee. Some places charge you outright for it. If you don't have a compatible data plan and need to be constantly online, just leave your phone/tablet/computer turned to wireless and scan as you walk. Try every connection which is unlocked because you don't know when you're going to get lucky!
  • If you're going to the States from the UK, you might want to sign up to 3 Mobile. As long as you've been with them for longer than 30 days, you'll be eligible for their “Feel At Home” program. This allows you to use your allotted minutes, texts, and data in the States. If you go over, you will be charged but it'll be lower than the normal roaming rate. Great for if you're in Sound City Studios and you want to call your musician brother to say hi! I did have problems connecting while in LA but this post answered my questions. "Feel At Home" is available for both contract and Pay As You Go customers.
    • If you absolutely need to have a US number Go Sim have some of the best deals.

      Brewing up British style in Las Vegas!


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