Sunday, 11 May 2014

Keep Moving

Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zones to realise what we want from life. Sometimes we have to stand on the outside and look in to see the changes we need to make.

Which was partly why I went to Vegas. Yes, it has been on my “To Travel To” list for about a decade. But I needed to get away. Needed to look at myself in another light. Needed to let off some of the steam which has been boiling away for the past few years.

Sunrise in Vegas

Everything always looks more exciting when we're there. When we're a tourist we can well imagine ourselves living in the place we're visiting. And many of us chase that dream. A few days after I arrived back from the States a friend of mine moved to LA.

So I've made the decision to change my life. It's been a long time coming but I needed something to kick start it. I needed a change of perspective to see what I have and what I want from life. And boy did I get the kick up the arse that I needed!

British small town life isn't all that great. It's pretty much like anywhere in the world. There's not a lot to do, bands frequently pass you by for the bigger draw of London 100 miles away. Shops are closing faster than they're opening, and the ones that are open don't stock anything you need (Unless you need more greeting cards than you can shake a stick at, clothes that will fall apart after one wash, and more mobile phones than you'll ever need in one lifetime). Jobs are few and far between and the ones you can find don't offer much in the way of promotion or pay. Yes, I know it's like this all over the world. But are the prospects better outside of what I know?

I don't know, which is why I'm trying. I'm still writing but, at the same time, I'm applying for jobs all over the world. I'm looking for new places to live. I want new experiences and I have very little tying me down to where I live now. And I definitely don't want to get to the end of my life thinking, “I wish I'd done that.”

So I'm going to do it. I'm going to knuckle up, get rid of my insecurities and go. It's a big world out there and I don't want to miss any of it.


  1. Good luck! I will miss you immensley but I want you to live your life to the full spread your wings and fly no regrets. Much love <3 xxx

    1. I'll still be around and in contact. :) Got to love this brave new world of technology! <3

  2. Wow, Rae, that trip to Las Vegas blew away the cobwebs. Good for you, and you'll have the ball of your lifetime! Hugs n x - keep us up to date!!! n x