Friday, 25 April 2014

Ghost and Girl

Back in February, I was given the opportunity to speak on the wonderful Ghost and Girl blog. Sarah and Laura are two amazingly supportive and encouraging women whose idea of paranormal research goes beyond the normal. They've kindly returned the favour and written a post for the Veetu Industries blog. Without further ado, I'll let them speak to you.


I'd like to start this post by expressing my gratitude to Rae for inviting GHOST & GIRL to make this entry on her blog. It is most appreciated.

The purpose of this post is to tell you about an online paranormal project called GHOST & GIRL. My friend, Laura, and I came up with the idea in the last quarter of 2013, and launched on the 3rd January this year. Both Laura and I have a shared interest in the paranormal, specifically in ghosts and a spiritual realm. Our interest in the topic has come from necessity more so than choice, as we've both had paranormal experiences that stretch right back into early childhood.

As a child, when I would wake in the middle of the night to find shadowy figures moving about my bedroom, I was convinced that the Devil had come to take me. I grew up in a family that simply did not talk of ghosts, ever, but we were a regular church-going Christian family, and as such, I knew who the Devil was. However, as I got older, and with the shadow figures continuing to make a regular appearance, I became less certain of what it is that I was seeing, and the reasoning for it. Logic is forever telling me that there must be a "reasonable explanation" for the things I have seen, heard and felt, and yet I still do not have an answer to the multitude of questions that plague me.

Whilst there are numerous blogs, online journals, websites, and "paranormal research" groups scattered all over the World Wide Web, the information that both we are particularly keen to discover just isn't there. There may be hints of it, traces, scraps and mere mentions, but nothing of real substance. Therefore, the idea behind GHOST & GIRL is to take ghost stories and personal experiences and look at them in great detail from differing perspectives. It's not so much as trying to prove that ghosts and other spiritual entities exist, but rather, trying to discover the common points of interest that may lead someone to have a paranormal experience.

As time passes, we hope that by considering historical, spiritual, scientific and psychological interpretations of the paranormal, we might be able to develop some conclusions. In addition to the personal experience, we also consider the following influences on our understandings of the paranormal:

* The historical development of the spiritual;
* Religion and spiritual hierarchies;
* Urban legends and the influence of the internet;
* Cultural perceptions;
* Scientific theories and hypothesis;
* The development of spirit communication tools;
* Spirit photography;
* The rise of the "ghost hunter" in popular culture;
* Demonological considerations; and
* Parapsychology.

At GHOST & GIRL we are forever mindful that not everything "unexplained" is paranormal, and try our best not to jump to ghostly conclusions. However, we theorise that the key to understanding the paranormal may be found in the personal experience, which we feel is too often dismissed in modern paranormal investigation and research. Yet we do not want to limit the personal experiences shared at GHOST & GIRL to just our own. This would restrict our ability to truly consider the meaning of them.

We hope to use GHOST & GIRL as a means by which we can interact with people right across the globe; that is, the believers, the steadfast sceptics, and the people in between. We want to hear every story, impression and opinion. We would love to hear from laypeople and professionals alike, from a variety of backgrounds. We want to consider and share the knowledge.

Right now, we don't have the answers, but we're embarking on an intelligent journey of discovery to find them.

Can you help?



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