Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 2013

Or how it happened from the perspective of a crazy person cracked out on tea...

Said goodbye to my furry muse, Bertie. Very sad... :(

Was the first to review the awesome documentary "Battlefield of the Mind"! WOOOO!!

Getting ready for book launch #2.
Went to Leeds for the very first time. Pretty city!! Hello and thank you to everyone who came to the Leeds Steampunk Market!

Book launch #2! Yayyyy!!! Lots of nice people and good musics and laughter.
Also got new tattoo to celebrate. Yayyy!!

Time for a breather!

Went to see one of my favourite bands play live for the very first time, thereby overcoming a long held fear of crowds.
Also went to another new place. Hartlepool. Famous for its football team (so I'm told!) and HMS Trincomalee. Met more new people, had lots more fun, and got to meet lots of Facebook people! Much love to Charles, Lynn, Richard, and Warden Arkwright! Thank you for my books and badges!

Booked my first holiday for over a decade. Vegas, baby!! I'm gonna win it big!!
Two new books signed! Yay!! The Eve of War (Veetu Industries #3) and A Second Past Midnight (post-apocalyptic) will both come out in 2014. Can't wait!!

Down to London to see the lovely Meg Kingston! Lots of love, plenty of hugs and tea, and more books!!

The first round of edits arrive so I slump off into my corner and pretend not to be alive.

Went walking in the Lake District. Well, I say walking. It was more like mountain climbing with no idea. Survived!

More editing. Send tea.

Even more editing. Tea supplies running low.

And that was 2013 in a nutshell! Next year's going to be a bunch of fun and I can't wait to see where it takes us all!!

While I'm here, let me take the time to wish you all a very splendid New Year!


  1. Busy 2013 for you Rach. Hugs and happiness for 2014 - good luck with your book releases. n x

  2. Sounds like you had a full year!

    All the best with 2014!