Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Letter To The Evil That Is The Twelve Tribes Cult

It takes a lot to get me as angry as I am right now. A Hell of a lot. But the reports which have been spread over the news the past week have been enough to get my blood boiling at you scum. I'm not even going to call you "people" or "humans". I wouldn't even call you "animals" because at least animals look after their young. You're scum. And even then, I think the scum which lines my toilet bowl might be offended at me calling you that.

You're all pure evil and you're all going to burn in Hell for what you've done to those children. I don't care what your website says. I don't care what those "letters" on your website say (they're pretty easy to forge. How do I know? I've worked in the film industry. I forged things for a living.). If you give us solid, absolute proof that you haven't beaten those children black and blue several times a day, then we'll back off.

But the authorities know. They know that you're as evil as the Devil himself. There's no way you're Christians. Again, how do I know? I'm a Christian and the "god" you worship is not the God I worship. "Love the little children"? You lot have absolutely no idea what love is. "An Act Against Love" as your headline says is exactly that. But it's an act against the good people of this world, not against you. Brainwashed, that's what you all are. Absolutely and utterly brainwashed. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and I hope the authorities acting makes you take long hard looks at yourselves. But you won't. Because you believe whatever's said to you. Utter and total sheep each and every one of you. We can tell you this until we're blue in the face but you won't believe it until you're standing at the gates of Hell. And it's where you deserve to be.

Twelve Tribes 'child caning punishment' claims (BBC)
Twelve Tribes community: NSPCC demands police inquiry into Christian sect that canes children (Independent)
In Germany's Twelve Tribes sect, cameras catch ‘cold and systematic’ child-beating (Independent)
The Devon cult that canes tiny children to ‘cleanse their sins’ (Daily Mail)

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