Sunday, 8 July 2012

The World Through Their Eyes

There's something beautiful about the adverts of the Victorian era, something which we don't see a lot of now. The designs were outstanding for even the simplest of items, beauty captured in only a handful of colours.

The adverts were one of the things which first drew me to the Victorian era. There's something quite innocent about the way they promote concoctions of cocaine, tobacco and morphine, completely unaware of the consequences. It's the feeling of an era when many things were far more simple, an easier and more laid back way of life (although we know this was far from true for many.).

I wonder what people will think of our adverts a hundred years from now? Will they look back as fondly as we do?

Theatre Posters - Victoria & Albert Museum


  1. They DID have beautiful ads back then. Interesting question you've put forth - what will they think of our modern-day ads 100 years from now? I imagine they will find it curious that all the car and beer ads have half naked girls in them... ;)

    1. I think they'll be fascinated by how many "anti" ads we have as well. Anti-smoking, Anti-fat, Anti-driving. While some are good and needed (let's face it, we need to preserve the environment as much as possible!) you do wonder about some and whether people actually listen to them. :)

  2. True, Rae. You know, as horribly terrifying as some of those anti-smoking ads are these days, I imagine most smokers block it out or maintain the mentality that it won't happen to them.