Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012! How's Your Brain Feeling Today?!

Welcome to the first day of a brand new year! Hopefully you had a fantastic evening. :) While you're here, how about trying out our Victorian era quiz. Answers are available. Just email waking_the_dead (at) (replace the (at) with @) with the subject heading "Quiz Answers, Please!"


1. What body part was it considered risqué for women to show?
2. What form favourite Christmas day table entertainment was invented in the 1840's?
3. Which author wrote under a male pseudonym?
4. In the 1830's, which, now popular, form of capturing the world was invented?
5. Tiny Tim is a character from which novel?
6. Queen Victoria came to the throne in what year?
7. The following lyrics are from which early 1900's music hall song?
"Talk about the shade of the sheltering palm
Praise the bamboo tree
with it's wide spreading charm,
There's a little nook
down near old Hampstead Town"

8. In 1863, the first London Underground line opened. What was it called?
9. The Penny Black was the first what?
10. The Pirates of Penzance and H.M.S Pinafore were written by which theatrical partnership?

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